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Stephen E. Walsh

  Steve was born in Missouri's Bootheel, Kennett, Missouri, in or about 1950. For those not familiar with geography, this is the rough equivalent of being born in Arkansas. He is absolutely no relation to the pro football player of the same name.

  Steve is admitted to all the best bars. In addition, he has hoodwinked several court systems into allowing his presence. He is allowed to practice in the Missouri State Courts. On the basis and the testimony of some individuals of dubious character, he was likewise admitted to practice in U.S. Claims Court, U.S. District Court, Eastern and Western District Courts of Missouri.

  He attended the University of Missouri. In 1972 the University declared him to be a political scientist and asked him to move along. Never being one to pay attention, he hung around long enough for the law school staff to become fed up with him. The school gave him a Juris Doctor degree in 1976 and asked him to leave.

  Steve made it as far as Butler County, where he settled down to practice law. Kennett, which is in Dunklin County, refused to take him back. Once here, he established himself as a member of the Butler County bar. He was elected the president in the year after Daniel Moore, 1981. This unfortunate election is alleged to have given rise to the saying "out of the frying pan and into the fire". In an effort to diversify his contacts outside the area of people who actually know him, he has joined the American Bar Association, the Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys, Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Association of Trial Lawyers of America and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Steve’s passion is bluegrass music-he learned guitar and mandolin while cutting classes in college- and regularly plays gigs for the hard of hearing in Southeast Mo.

Dianna drew the short straw as his secretary back in 1989.

Appointments with Steve can be arranged through Dianna during normal business hours.
The phone number and address is:

Moore, Walsh & Albright
Attention Dianna
P.O. Box 610
Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901
573-785-4100 (Fax)


433 North Main Street ∑ Po Box 610
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901
573-785-6200 ∑ Fax 573-785-4100

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